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Hidden details of the invitation to the coronation of Carlos and Camila

Hidden details of the invitation to the coronation of Carlos and Camila

The official photo of Carlos and Camila, published along with the invitation photo.

he Buckingham Palace This tuesday announced the invitation letter to be sent to more than 2000 people who will be able to attend an act Coronation of King Carlos III and Queen Camillascheduled for the next day May 6th. The design of the invitation was in charge of the artist and heraldic painter Andrew Jamison.

The original invitation was done by hand in watercolor and gouache, the design reminiscent of Coronation logoIt will be reproduced later Printed on recycled paperAnd With gold foil details‘, a reference to Carlos for his work against climate change

“I was invited to play A Small role in such a historic event in the history of our nation “It was an incredible honor and the opportunity of a lifetime, the pinnacle of my career,” Jamison said in a statement provided to Insider. “I hope those who see the invitation will enjoy creating it as much as I do.. I wish Their Majesties all the very best for their upcoming coronation celebration as they embark on this new journey together.”

In the center of the card he has included a reason green mana figure from British folklore crowned with floral and floral motifs, It symbolizes a new birth and thus the beginning of a new era.

Invitation to the coronation of King Carlos III and Queen Camilla.

Foliage of hawthorn, ivy, and oak create the green man’s figure, as well as “the signature flowers” of the United Kingdom, as reported by Buckingham Palace.

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More flowers adorn the outer edge of the invitation to create a wrap British Wildflower MeadowAnd They are all drawn in groups of three to indicate that the King is the third King to bear the name CarlosThe insider explained.

meadow They include “lily of the valley, cornflowers, wild strawberries, rose hips, bluebells, and a sprig of rosemary to remember.”, according to a press release. On the other hand, cornflowers, wild strawberries, rose hips and blueberries are associated with love.

In addition to the rosemary to remember, The inclusion of lily of the valley was significant. It was the favorite flower of Queen Elizabeth II..

Lilies are a representation in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Photograph: Peter Nichols/Reuters.

Prairie framing invite also included Bee, Butterfly, Beetle, Flying Bird and RobinYou mentioned Buckingham Palace.

Bees have always held a special place in the royal family’s world. The outlet commented that there is a centuries-old tradition that royal bees are told when a king dies.

In addition, butterflies are often associated with new beginnings and ladybugs symbolize good luck, while wrens and robins are associated with rebirth.

Jamison also included the animals that appeared on the coats of arms of Carlos and Camila in his illustration: Lion, boar and unicorn.

The invitation adds Camilla’s animals, a nod to her role as the Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter (The Garter), which she will receive in the summer of 2022, according to the palace.

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