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David Beckham, fond of Latino culture;  He started taking salsa lessons with his wife and exuded talent

David Beckham, fond of Latino culture; He started taking salsa lessons with his wife and exuded talent

Former English soccer star David BeckhamEvery day, he gets more accustomed to his new life MiamiEvery day he is more in love with Latin culture, so much so that he has started taking salsa lessons with the famous Cuban teacher Micho Valdes.

This was David Beckham’s salsa class

Former soccer player David Beckham takes salsa lessons with his wife, Victoria.

Instagram: davidbeckham

Through social networks, the former football player V Manchester United Today is the owner Inter Miami From MLS he shared a video with his wife, the supermodel Victoria Beckham In one of his salsa classes.

David Beckham and Victoria appear in the post during a salsa class, as they both take their best stride, making it clear that it wasn’t just a crack on the court, but also on the track.

Lesson salsa with number one, Micho Valdes, let’s go on tour with Mark AnthonyPosted by the former Real Madrid midfielder.

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We must remember that David Beckham He established a great friendship with the singer Mark Anthony Since his arrival in Miami, who was his best man at his wedding with Club Ferrera.

Not only Victoria and David took dance lessons, their daughter Harper Sevenwith whom he has a great relationship, also takes salsa lessons.

Are David Beckham and Marc Anthony best friends?

A few days after the wedding between the puerto rican singer with Nadia Ferrara The first photos of the celebration, which featured great figures from show business, appeared in the United States.

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Plus exclusive photos for the magazine Hello USAa video goes viral where, apparently, the former footballer and singer ended the night dancing on the track.

Although it has not been confirmed if the video is from the party or not Beckham He wears a different uniform than the one in the pictures revealed by the aforementioned magazine. The pictures are circulating on the networks because he is the former soccer player real madrid He has never been seen in such a position.

whats the truth David Beckham and Marc Anthony They have been friends for several years, as they both live in Miami, and their closeness has brought them closer to each other.

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Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferrara They married on Saturday, January 28, at the Perez Museum of Art in Miami. Surrounded by family and friends, they said yes around 7:30 p.m.

As reported by Hola USA magazine, Marco Antonio Solís, Romeo Santos, Maluma and Pegram ZayasMarc’s brother Anthony witnessed the wedding of the Paraguayan model and Puerto Rican salsa singer.

It is also revealed that Mark had groomsmen at his wedding; between them David Beckhamsince the former footballer and singer have been good friends for several years.