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Brazilian Anita wins and breaks her contract with Warner after eleven years together

Brazilian Anita wins and breaks her contract with Warner after eleven years together

Brazilian singer Anita She, one of the most popular Latin artists on the international scene, has agreed to end her contractual relationship with the record company Warner Music After one year together, according to info from the parties this tuesday.

“After 11 years of a successful union, we have agreed to follow different paths,” the joint statement issued by the association reads. Anita Warner Music.

Anita, who has just turned thirty, He criticized the American label for managing his music career Last month, he went so far as to say he would sell his “organs” to terminate his contract with the company.

“My love, if there was a (termination) fine to be paid, I would have already auctioned off my organs, no matter what it cost, to get out. But unfortunately there is not.”

A few days later, Warner Music slammed again by revealing a Email the head of the record company to express his unease regarding the scant attention they were giving him, despite his international success.

“Respect me and give me minimum importance. Please at least give me the honest, respectful, and fair conversation I asked for instead of sending it to me Their lawyer for talking to me about money,” he admonished the company’s leadership.

On a more friendly note, the two parties today tried to put their differences behind them and secure their relationship peacefully.

“Anita would like to thank the Warner Music team for all their support. The Warner team wishes Anita all the best for her future, ”he highlighted the brief note, to which the Brazilian replied on her Instagram profile.

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Anita is the most popular singer in Brazil and one of the most popular singers in the Latin world.

She was recently nominated for an award Best New Artist at the last edition of the Grammys, his videos have millions of views And last year they broke all records with their song “collar” which peaked at number one on the Spotify Global Top 50.