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"He's no longer international class, his low passes and long passes are like his hairstyle" - ten

“He’s no longer international class, his low passes and long passes are like his hairstyle” – ten

Toni Kroos decided to leave the German national team after the European Championship, as the Germans were eliminated in the round of 16 of the stage against England.

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The German player realized that his phase was over and decided to step down. Lothar Matthaus, also former ‘Die Mannschaft’ player, criticized to his countryman.

“Personally, I have nothing against him, but I do not agree with his style of play. We can see in the European Championship that it is not only about the speed of the player, but also the speed of the ball. Well with one or the other. Two contacts, but when he hits the ball, he loses Speed ​​again because there’s hardly any space gain and the cadence slows down,” he began by saying.

For Mateus, Kroos is no longer a player of international standing, because he disappeared after playing “good and outstanding matches”.

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Earlier, in a statement compiled by SportBild, he accused him of “not being able to lead the team” and attacked him: “He sees himself better than I appreciate, I’ve missed the passion, the fire and the vertical passes. All contact with the ball doesn’t help, it’s nice to see, but it’s not effective.” His low passes and long passes are like his hairstyle: nice and clean, just right.”