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Country coach Felix Sanchez on Honduras: They don't lose their potential without Albert Ellis.  - ten

Country coach Felix Sanchez on Honduras: They don’t lose their potential without Albert Ellis. – ten

was a team coach مدرب Qatar National Team, Felix Sanchez, Monday appeared at a press conference in the match preview by Honduras, third round From the group stage from Gold Cup 2021.

Sanchez He referred to the duel against the Krachus as a “strong competitor” that he hopes will present their full potential, in addition, he spoke of Fabian Quito’s team losses in reference to Albert Ellis and how surprised they are by the level of CONCACAF. You should see the Gold Cup standings here.

What do you think of Honduras: “It is a team that shows a character on the field that allows it to face any opponent, in extreme situations they respond well; We think it’s a very dynamic team, and you can see defensively that they are working well, they are aggressive and in individual duels it is difficult.”

katracha attack: “The great players are decisive as they have shown in these games; they are efficient and of a very high standard”

Concacaf Play Level: “We are happy to arrive in this last match with options to qualify against a very high level opponent, now it is our turn to continue growing. Watching the other group matches, we notice that there is a high level, it is a great experience and we will try to compete as best we can to get as far as we can by playing In this wonderful tournament.

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What to expect from H“I don’t know if they will disagree, but I know that the eleven players who are going out will try to get the three points just like us, and we expect a competitive match against an opponent that will be difficult for us.”

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Loss of Albert Ellis and others to Covid: “I think it is part of the competition and it is unfortunate that the players miss the tournament due to injury (referring to Alberth Elis) or the players with Covid-19, we wish them a speedy recovery; that is what we have in this tournament and in the state of health.”

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“We analyzed Honduras and despite the lack of players it is still a strong team. We know that Ellis is a decisive player, but the team did well without him; even if they did not lose potential, they are a strong group and they have the ability to serve. Next match, we expect better A copy of a competitive team.”

Qatari players between the two countries: “We have two or three players. We hope they are in good health, but the matches have their effect. At the end of the season we play very hard and that means that some players do not arrive in the best conditions.”