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“He’s an idiot,” Drew Martinez has been criticized in English football

“He’s an idiot,” Drew Martinez has been criticized in English football

Argentine goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, is a controversial figure, and in the English Premier League there are already many who criticize him, they are fed up with his attitude.

In Aston Villa’s duel against Brentford, Depo grabbed striker Neal Maupay by the shirt to lift him off the turf, when he was complaining about a foul, sparking controversy.

What happened to the lottery?

The drawing of lots led to the expulsion of his colleague Kamara, and criticism was directed at him.

In the Daily Mail, Mike Keegan and Ian Laidman spoke strongly about the Aston Villa goalkeeper and the Argentina national team.

“I don’t like Martinez at all and yesterday was a disgrace. A few minutes before Emi entered his area as if the world was ending after a contact and then attacked one of the Brentford players for the same thing. Literally a few seconds ago you were doing the same thing…”, he said. Keegan.

While Ladyman was tougher against Draw, because he was already tired of his actions on the field.

“I think he’s an idiot, to be honest. I’ll upset people if I say that, but I think about it. He’s a very good goalkeeper, but he’s a bit of an idiot. I thought he was a goalkeeper.” “Idiot for what he did in the World Cup final.” “And the fact that he didn’t do it, he almost wore it like a badge of honor, which is pathetic.”