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Cruz Azul: FMF and Liga MX announce changes for 2024

Cruz Azul: FMF and Liga MX announce changes for 2024

Mexican League

With a focus on arbitration, members of the Owners’ Council announced a series of amendments for the future of national football.

© Jam Media/PrivateFMF announces changes to Liga MX.

The future of Mexican football has been the focus of questions and some pessimism on the part of fans and the media. For this reason, the Mexican Football and Football Federation authorities announced in the last hours Members of the Liga MX Owners Association have announced a series of changes.

Many were waiting for announcements regarding Back promotions and relegationswhich at the moment will not happen. There have also been no signs of an eventual return to the Copa Libertadores, an idea recently approved by the CONCACAF president.

The Liga MX Owners Association announced A series of concrete measuresMost of them aim to make the file transparent Arbitration issue. He did this through a video clip chaired by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bas, President of the FMF, where Cruz Azul President Victor Velasquez also participated.

Within the package of measures it was reported that The refereeing committee will become independenthe VAR will be centralizedand the Audios will be published every week. There was also talk about the project Development of popular footballThey announced Friendly matches against Uruguay and Brazil before the Copa AmericaA was notified Changing the regulation for the 2024-2025 season.

Full statement from FMF on changes for 2024

The Mexican Football Partners Association voted in favor of the Supporters’ Alliance, A project that seeks to attack the structural problems of our football. The first actions of many others we are already working on:

  • RevorMore in competition regulations: Adjustments will be made starting from the 2024-2025 season, to be fairer and give more certainty to our championships.
  • Independence of the referees committeeWe want there to be no doubts about the legality of your decisions.
  • Centralization of VARWe are working to establish an operations center so that VAR technology can be operated for all matches from the same place and we can standardize standards.
  • Publish VAR audios: Enhancing the transparency of its decisions.
  • Restructuring grassroots football in Mexico: Developing a model for enhancing research and consolidating talent in our country
  • High-level matches for the national team: Mexico will play against Brazil and Uruguay in 2024 before the Copa America.
FMF statement on changes for 2024