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Here you can watch the Bad Bunny concert in Puerto Rico

Here you can watch the Bad Bunny concert in Puerto Rico

He promised it and it will come true.

Bad Bunny expected that everyone will be able to enjoy his “Summer Without You” concert, scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, and it will be.

Medalla announced, via social networks, that it will hold a “watch party” on Thursday, July 28, from 13 venues in Puerto Rico.

“Everyone Pi Aire will perish. July 28 Live concert. Lots of Alberio, 13 spots. Piazza Santurce, Piazza Placido Acevedo in Aguadilla, Pavilion of Art and Youth Barranquetas, La Guancha in Ponce, Piazza Arecibo, Piazza Poblado Boquerón, Ajes de Mayagüez, El Trampolico in Mayagüez, Plaza de Vieja Baja, T-Mobile District, Arena Medala, Echo Sports Park, Plaza de Fajardo”, Medala’s Instagram ad reads.

“I can’t go on tour without singing in Puerto Rico,” Bad Bunny said on a live broadcast when he announced that he would be having three concerts on the island that would start his tour.

Selling tickets for these concerts paralyzed the streets around Colicio de Puerto Rico, in Hato Rey, for three days. Thousands of fans lined up for miles to buy their tickets for what Bad Bunny called a “fantastic party”.

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