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Her boyfriend, Ryan Antonio, has already met the Miss Universe family

Her boyfriend, Ryan Antonio, has already met the Miss Universe family

Andrea Meza He continues his visit to Mexico and, after spending a few days in the capital, Miss Universe 2020 She arrived in Chihuahua, her home state, where she was greeted with elegance, among flowers, mariachis and exemplary dances, as well as the affection of her people and family, whom she met after several months of separation, because Andrea has not returned since winning the award last May. In this part of his tour through Mexican territory, he accompanied Andrea handsome boyfriend Ryan Antonio, who was intrigued by the reception given to his beautiful girlfriend and who also had the opportunity to meet Andrea’s family, revealing himself on his social networks.

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Through his Instagram Stories, Ryan shared a series of posts in which he detailed each of the activities of his beautiful girlfriend, always proud of her and showing his affection for the love he received from all his friends. . Among those posts, he highlighted one in particular, where Ryan is seen in the most animated cartoon in the company of Andrea’s sisters, marianna s Karen, leaving evidence of the great relationship he had with them, for they were at all times smiling and joking among the three.

Without a doubt, this visit to Mexico was very exciting for Andrea, who, since she began her preparations for Miss Universe, has not been able to return to her homeland, let alone her state, so she was not even able to see her parents, especially her mother, who for health reasons could not attend Her daughter’s coronation ceremony in Florida, last May. “(I want) to hug them (my family),” I can cry, I miss them and haven’t seen them since the competition and I haven’t actually seen my mom, so I haven’t seen her in months, I miss her a lot, but if I talk to them every day, we send messages, make calls or video calls, but it’s not the same, I want to be with them, so I’m glad I’m going to have a good time with them, said the beautiful Mexican during a live broadcast she did on social networks social”.

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Andrea Meza’s dream come true

During her time in Mexico City, Andrea had the opportunity to speak with Sale el Sol, where she went as a special guest. In that space, the beautiful Chihuahuan She told about how the dream of becoming Miss Universe appeared within herself, several years ago, when she managed to witness another Mexican victory in the prestigious contest. “This dream started about ten years ago when I saw Ximena Navarrete win, for me it was impressive to realize that a Mexican woman had reached such a high international level and that was an inspiration to me…He explained with a clear smile and was happy to be in Mexico.

On the other hand, Andrea talked a little about how she approached the issue of her engagement, before the perceived skepticism of the interlocutors, who sought to find out whether the Miss Universe contest had some kind of rule for such a personal situation. “Boyfriend, it’s your personal life, you can have it. They hid it for a long time but I said: Why would I hide it?‘, he said, then gave his opinion without further ado about how he assumed the rumors associated with his name, including the one that circulated weeks ago when it was said she was supposed to be the daughter of singer Anna Gabriel. ‘I laugh, I always say: ‘If that’s true,’ It’s going to come from my mouth, from my family or from my organization, outside of it. It’s gossip…”, he asserted. On her first day, Andrea devoted herself to covering promotional activities, preparing everything, and on Sunday she will fly back to her native Chihuahua, according to what has been learned.

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