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Tom Hanks sneaks in to take a picture of his girlfriend.  put it

Tom Hanks sneaks in to take a picture of his girlfriend. put it

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Outside a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready to go to the party when they were waiting for a big surprise. At that time it was the same actor Tom Hanks He approached her and whispered:Welcome! I’m Tom Hanks. I would love to take a picture with you“.

The actor was walking through the entrance to the Fairmont Hotel, in the middle of PittsburghWhen he saw the bride and her bridesmaids getting out of the limousine. “He spoke in my ear and I only thought of a toy story,” admitted his girlfriend, who was stunned: “I froze and could only look around. I didn’t know what to do.”

And so he was the winner of two Oscars with his wife ritawelson, Take part in a beautiful bridal photo session.

This is how Tom Hanks sneaked into the bridal photo session. Photo: Instagram

Photographer, Rachel Rowland, explained that when the actor approached and made a strange request “we were all confused and stared in silence for a second. Then we all burst out screaming.”

Roland shared several snapshots of the moment he captured outside the hotel on social media, before heading to the concert at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Music Hall.

napkins Not only did he take pictures, but according to Roland, he also helped make sure everyone was in the pictures. “It was exactly what you would expect it to be: happy, cheerful, loud and gentle,” he added.

The actor participated in a photo shoot for his girlfriend in Pittsburgh.
Photo: Instagram.

The bride was so excited about the meeting that she told her future husband before she said yes I do. She revealed, “We had a moment before the celebration, we prayed, we clasped our hands and went back so we wouldn’t see each other.” “Luke, I just met Tom Hanks. I had to tell him.”

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Hollywood star in Pittsburgh To shoot a movie based on “A man named Otto”. According to the young woman, they learned that the actor was filming in the city and was talking with his sister about it, because both considered him the ideal actor to play the main character, a retired who makes an unexpected friendship with his character. Neighbour.

This is how Tom Hanks stood at his girlfriend’s photo shoot. Photo: Instagram

“He was shooting his new movie and my sister and I were talking about how much we love the book that the movie is based on, so it was like coming full circle. Honestly, it was crazy because we were talking about it,” Girlfriend said.

to Tom Hanks He seems to love to sneak in wedding photos. This isn’t the first time this has happened. On September 24, 2016, Hanks shared a photo on Twitter he took with a couple at a wedding in Central Park, which he also snagged. Later in 2021, he poses with two newlyweds on their wedding day in Santa Monica.