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Coffee with a Woman's Smell: Why Telemundo Is Said to Prefer Carmen Villalobos and Ignore Laura Londono |  TV series |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Coffee with a Woman’s Smell: Why Telemundo Is Said to Prefer Carmen Villalobos and Ignore Laura Londono | TV series | nnda nnlt | Fame

The new version of the Colombian telenovela that people remember”And she brought a series of surprises to all her followers and fans, among them the non-leading role of actress Carmen Villalobos and the sudden appearance of Laura Londono in the main role. This all happens despite the fact that Londono’s number was not mentioned before this Telemundo production was released.

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Yes good Carmen Villalobos She is a famous actress who participated in various series that broke records, in this version of “Café con aroma de mujer”, she will play the role of the villain known as Lucia Sandoval.

Thus, the lead role remained in the hands of the actress Laura Londono (Gaviota) Who shares roles with the actor William Levi (Sebastian). But what followers noticed is that when this telenovela was promoted, only Villalobos and Levy were named.

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Londono spoke specifically on that point. Telemundo said simply: ‘Café will be made and we already have the champions; It will be William Levy and Carmen Villalobos, who work for Telemundo. Male two dear ones from Telemundo‘, voicing Diva Rebecca.

However, it can be seen that in the promotions the protagonist was chosen along with the villain to reflect both sides of the coin, good and evil. In addition, Villalobos has an exclusive contract with Telemundo.

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What is meant by “women’s perfume”?

The story that captivated Latin America returns in a new version with stars William Levy upon his return to Telemundo, with Laura Londoño appearing as Gaviota, alongside actress Carmen Villalobos. “Women’s Scented Coffee” Coming Soon on Telemundo”In the first trailer of the show, a voiceover is heard saying.

“Scented coffee for women” It begins when Gaviota and his mother arrive in Hacienda Casablanca to bring coffee from this year’s second harvest in the hope that this will be the last time they make this journey, as they seek to be their landowners. However, fate has other plans for them.

This important series was shown for the first time Colombia Across RCN, in the evening hours at 8:00 pm, managed to capture the attention of a remote audience who already considers it one of the most successful programs that have been implemented.

What did Laura Londorio say about the relationship with Villalobos?

Considering the version that both actresses could have some inconsistencies due to the telenovela, it was her own Laura Londono who have come out to clear all kinds of doubts and give peace of mind to the thousands of followers of this ambitious production.

To do this, he used his social network on Instagram where he answered questions from followers and one of these was “How is your relationship with Carmen Villalobos?”

The actress did not take long to respond to the follower with a strong response: “NiceThis was the word Londono used.

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This was accompanied by a very funny photo of the two in the United States, as they were filming production scenes.

But Villalobos He also joined the confessions and repeated the story of Londono where they talked about their relationship. “And what a good time we had in New York. Kisses LauPublishing of Villalobos.

The story of coffee with a woman’s perfume

Carlos Ochoa, a Colombian television presenter specializing in soap operas, noted that Gaitán created the telenovela as a local product for a specific Colombian audience and that he was inspired to create and export coffee to the world.

What he did was to show women from the point of view of a fighter and an entrepreneur of those years that the term strong woman and a leader was not yet in vogue, so from there many women began to follow the example of “La Gaviota”, go from being a collector to studying, to striving, to move on ahead“, He expressed.

Actors and characters of “Coffee with the smell of a woman”

  1. Laura Londono as Gaviota
  2. Carmen Villalobos as Lucia
  3. William Levy as Sebastian
  4. Lincoln Palomic as Mauricio Salinas
  5. Mabel Moreno as Lucrezia Valencia
  6. Diego Cadavid as Ivan Vallejo
  7. Lights Velasquez as Julia Vallejo
  8. Catherine Velez as Carmenza Suarez, Gaviota’s mother.
  9. Juan Diego Agudelo as Bernardo Vallejo
  10. Laura Archbold as Paula Vallejo.
  11. Maria Teresa Barretto as Marcella Vallejo
  12. Yarlo Ruiz as Limarcos Acosta
  13. Andres Toro as Aurelio Diaz

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