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He took his mom to Pepe Aguilar’s party as a surprise and her reaction was touching

He took his mom to Pepe Aguilar’s party as a surprise and her reaction was touching

The woman is excited because her son took her by surprise to Pepe Aguilar’s party. Photo: video capture TikTok via @rafaelsilguero and Getty Images

On March 8, TikTok user Rafael Silguero shared a video where you can see the reaction of his mother, María de Lourdes García, when she found out that her son was taking her to see the Garibo Sin Fronteras concert, by Pepe Aguilar and his children . in Mexico City.

In the video, the boy commented: “And now a poem: my mother’s reaction when she realized we weren’t going to have dinner, but we were going to see Pepe Aguilar.” Then you can see that the woman, upon finding out the truth, picks her face up and starts laughing nervously, then jumps up a bit and smiles happily.

He immediately sees his son and says, “It’s not right!” , then hugs him tightly and starts crying and raises one of his feet.

The video generated comments as diverse as: “Beautiful lady, she did something right, she has a son who adores her”, “Feet little quinceanera! How sweet to see her so happy”, “Her reaction is chicken broth for the heart”, “We are the generation of kids who can Fulfilling our parents’ dream “,” That smile is a treasure, keep looking after this beauty.

Rafael Silguero published a second video showing the woman inside the concert, which took place on March 4 at the Monumental Plaza de Toros México. About the video, he wrote: “The first time my mother saw Pepe Aguilar, she was so excited. TikTok do whatever you want”, this is because the young man wants his mother to meet the singer.

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In the pictures you can see how the mother applauds, seeing what is happening on stage, her affection is so great that she stands and blows kisses, then turns, cries and again hugs her son.

On March 9, Pepe Aguilar shared Rafael’s video on his Instagram account and commented: “For fans like you, all the effort to put on a great show like Jaripeo Sin Fronteras is worth it. Rafael Silguero, what a great gift you gave your mother, Mrs. Maria de Lourdes Garcia Jimenez”.

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