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He described the "strange" process of selecting waitresses at Hooters and revealed the large numbers he got in tipping.

He described the “strange” process of selecting waitresses at Hooters and revealed the large numbers he got in tipping.

Selena Silvera is a young American woman who is currently studying to be a nurse but for a while before she chose her profession, She was a waitress at Hooters Restaurant.. newly, I told her my experience of what it was like to meet her and choose her later To be a part of the company’s employees and to surprise a lot of people. Detailed step by step The selection process was described as “strange”..

It was from a YouTube video, which was later deleted, but captured New York Postwhere Tell his followers how to apply for a vacancy in the company He later became his employee. What caught his eye the most was the application procedure, which only took about ten minutes.

It all started with the normal questions that are asked to the applicant when going to a job interview: “Why do you want to work here? What do you think you can bring to work? How do you deal with an unsatisfied customer in a situation? He recalls in his clip on the social network.

Selena Silvera said the Hooters entry process was like that of models for the agencyNew York Post

Then came the more “rarity” which she categorized as casting of the models: “Later they took me outside and took a picture of mewhich I initially thought was a little strange,” he stressed. Although he later admitted that they explained to him why they were assuming the photo was taken: “Then I found out it was like that when they wanted to decide who to hire, they could remember what I was up to,” he added. .

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Youtube He stressed that the restaurant chain is not looking for any kind of staff, but to a group of elegantly dressed girls to welcome the guests. I translated this to the fact that being an employee is essentially a model chosen to play a character within the organization:

It is up to you to choose the type of people you want to hire. Just like any other model. Hooters, aka directors, can choose the type of models they want based on the look they want because that’s their job and that’s their brand.”

Of course, I realize that the pay can be very good depending on the day. He usually earned between $100 and $500 per night in tip.

The nursing student also mentioned other jobs and conditions that workers must fulfill if they do not want to have problems with their managers. Among the highlights was Always wear make-up and remove your hairPlus, don’t use hair dye or apply too bright nail color. “Preparing for work involved many things and that was because of the strict image policy,” he recalls.

Description of horns on their work page
Description of horns on their work pagewww.hooters.com/about/careers

According to the company’s website, They are looking for dedicated workers with a feminine and playful personality.: “Being a Girl of Hooters is an honor given only to the most fun, goal-oriented, glamorous, and attractive women. Hooters Girls have this special gift to make all guests feel welcome. You’ll have all kinds of opportunities, like being featured on Hooters’ annual swimwear calendar. She’s an American icon. “She’s not a waitress,” says the ad in its vacancies section.

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