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Fernando Colunga worries and divides opinions to look strange

Fernando Colunga worries and divides opinions to look strange

  • The photo was published on social networking sites, questioning the heart of the actor.
  • Kolonga is a man who keeps his private life completely a secret, so he never explained to his fans why he appeared.

Without a doubt, Fernando Colonga was crowned as one of the most recognizable men in Mexican soap operas because his physical appearance, youth and freshness stole the hearts of thousands of people.

Recently, the actor caused a stir on social networks by posting a photo, in which he can be seen with a thinner face, a sagging face and even some wrinkles.

Some famous followers pointed out that it may be some markup or photographic filters, where the image appears in black and white. Others wondered if it was a health problem.

In the black and white photo of Kolonga, the actor can be seen wearing a jacket, white shirt and tie. Although it was the appearance of his face that caught the attention of many followers.

It should be noted that Fernando is working on the production of “El Conde: Pasión y Honor”, along with Ana Brenda Contreras, which many have dared to say is a simple description of his character.

“He is very beautiful, but he looks strange, and I do not remember that his eyes were drooping,” were some of the comments from netizens.

So far, the actor hasn’t come out to make statements about it, however, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s caused a stir on the internet because of his picture.

Let’s remember that Fernando Colunga appeared at the Telemundo event in May, showing a well-preserved face and sparking rumors of possible plastic surgery.

Fernando Colunga worries and divides opinions to look strange