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He debuted as a representative of the Fun Series before joining Inter Miami

He debuted as a representative of the Fun Series before joining Inter Miami


while preparing to join Inter Miami After his frustrated return to BarcelonaAnd Leo Messi He surprised everyone with his first appearance as an actor in an Argentine series that was broadcast live, where he plays himself in front of some of the players’ representatives.

This series is called “Los Protectores” and it takes place their participation in the second season, starring the Argentines Adrian bracelet And Gustavo Bermudezand Colombian Andres Parrawho put themselves in the shoes of three football agents.

Messi He participates in a fun five-minute scene, in which he meets the three actors to talk about a project to support young people who play in different clubs in Europe, and the situation becomes conflicted due to requests for photos and videos, and a job proposal. It leads to an intense exchange of looks.

The scene finally lights up with a toast between them Messi and the agents in the seven-episode series, which began airing last Sunday on the streaming service Star+.

The new season, recorded in different locations in Buenos Aires and Paris, presents entertaining entanglements around the adventures of its three protagonists and reveals the power relations and competition typical of the world of football representation.

The second season begins a year after the formation of ‘Los Protectores SA’, when its three partners enjoying themselves after they managed to position the company as one of the most important football representation companies in Latin America and Europe, unexpectedly suffer the loss of their companies. A group of players, so they will do the impossible to get back what belongs to them.

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The new installment was written by Marcus Carnivaltitled Jorge Nesco and Polka’s Perception, and deals with the story of the charismatic trio of actors made up of sorcerer (soar), Rinaldo (vine) f number (Bermúdez), along with the fantastic guests and new characters she embodies Martin SeefeldAnd Jorgelina AruzziAnd Gaston Safriti And Karina Mazzocco.

Messi And blasterThe Bulka coach has known each other since 2015 and caused a stir last March when they went to dinner at a restaurant in Buenos Aires after the Albiceleste team won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for which the striker had to be escorted by the police. To leave the restaurant in the crowd of fans.