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Anuel AA celebrates his son’s birthday – Metro Puerto Rico

Anuel AA celebrates his son’s birthday – Metro Puerto Rico

Urban music singer Anuel A.

The urban exponent posted a photo with his son, while they were holding Mario Bros.

In addition, he shared several videos where the minor was seen riding a motorcycle and the artist, A four track.

“Congratulations everyone @tweet On his birthday 🎈🎁🎂🎉🎊🍰🧁 #10 👦🏻 Ask him who is the best papa in the whole world,” he wrote on social networks.

The Puerto Rican also announced that he will soon be releasing new music.

Anuel AA finally gets to know his daughter and assures that he will take care of all his children equally

Urban refounded Anuel A.

And he posted on Instagram a picture with his son Pablo, in which he confirmed that he would take care of all his children equally.

“I cannot and will not leave any daughter abandoned, no matter the circumstances of how it all happened. My heart does not give me the choice to abandon my daughter and not love her, she is my daughter and I love her without yet seeing her, even more so since I saw Kata for the first time, he opened this The love that Cataleya met my eyes on what I had I don’t care what people say or think about me who know nothing of what really happened and if it turns out she’s mine, she’s mine.

In the same way, Anuel asserts in the letter that he has never been unfaithful to any of his former associates with Vallicella.

“That was when I didn’t know my ex and I wasn’t with Carol either I was celibate for about a year and he said he was my girlfriend or wife of 9 or 10 months when he was actually I’ve been with my current partner for about eight months in that time and times haven’t moved on As he said,” added the urban exponent.

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