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They surprise Linir Mesa with a hidden camera: “I didn’t expect this”

They surprise Linir Mesa with a hidden camera: “I didn’t expect this”

At the most unexpected moment, a person can run into a hidden camera and Linear table He was no exception, though it’s worth noting that he thought he was doing a good deed and helping a friend.

The singer posted on his Instagram account the video of the joke that the Cuban chef called him yeikel santos He admitted that it was something he hadn’t expected.

Sure enough, the artist, apron and all, thought he would see one of the chef’s dishes up close but was mistaken, for the latter, very serious and visibly depressed, said to him: “You are the one I want to help me with, I have a colossal problem.”

When Lenier asks what is happening to him, Yeckle tells him that he has been kicked out of the house because he hasn’t paid the rent for two months.

Yeikel’s first choice was to ask him if he didn’t need someone to clean the pool for him, but the singer told him he already had two people to take care of.

“I fell asleep in the car, I can’t believe it,” said the chef. No doubt Yekel had hit a sore spot. The singer immediately upon his arrival in Miami, too He had to sleep in his car for 15 days.

Things got more serious when Yeikel, with a face that would convince anyone, asked him to borrow money, and Lenier unhesitatingly told him that yes, he would give it to him so he could go to a hotel.

There came a time when Yeikel could no longer bear to continue his role and began laughing, telling the artist it was a hidden camera.

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Although Lenier maintained that he knew what it was about, he asked if they were really recording and of course they were because the video is the proof.

This is not the first time that Yekel has made this kind of joke on an occasion, in collusion with Ali Sanchez, They pull a prank on Heydy González who had a tremendously difficult time.