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Angela Aguilar is surprised romantically with the men in her life

Angela Aguilar is surprised romantically with the men in her life

Since the pandemic arrived, artists and celebrities have benefited from time of social distancing which is precisely the case of the girl child Angela Aguilar Who has proven himself as one of the characters feminine The most important of our country in Last few years.

deserve efforts remember Angela has positioned herself as a promise of talent Youth In regional Mexican music like his father, who was also a favour For his music all over the world, because thanks to his musical success he managed to attract many followers.

However, it is the smallest breed Aguilar She lives a double life, because despite being young Engaged / engagedCan’t help but take her life as a teen from one side, she states that she is only 17 years old.

In that sense, Angela revealed that it’s like living a second life, because it is there on the one hand style And her activities as a teenager and student, but on the other hand, she lives the life of fame and the successes that shaped her to be an artist entering the Ranchera classics that women of this kind are famous for such as Lucha Villa and Rocío DúrcalIf not for Beltran.

Angela shares a picture with the men in her life

Let’s remember that the talented young woman is the youngest daughter Jose Antonio Aguilar Jimenez, Who is best known as Pepe Aguilar, who is also famous for his music in Globalism, Because of their successes Musicals It managed to attract many followers.

In this sense, through the platforms Digital We can also see closely Leonardo Aguilar Son of Pepe Aguilar, who is two years older than him Angela.

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And it was exactly that with them Famous He shared a sentimental photo, where he can be seen smiling with the men in his life, his brother and his brother the father.