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Blanca Soto appears again on the Fernando Colunga publishing network.

Blanca Soto appears again on the Fernando Colunga publishing network.

If there is an actor who is very reserved about his private life, it is him. Fernando ColungaA few months ago, news reached the media that the famous Mexican actor and Mexican actress Blanca Soto They are supposed to be parents, as reported by Alex Aspy on the show. Wake up from N+The couple have been romantically linked since 2012, the year they starred in the hit series. Because love has rules.

Neither Colunga nor Soto have commented on the matter so far. The heart of unforgettable TV series The usurper, emerald And true love He was promoting the premiere of his new film Melodrama on Monday. Count: Love and Honor On Telemundo and did not receive any questions about it.

Away from social networks and public life in general for a long time – her last post on the networks was on January 6 – Blanca resumed her activity on her personal Instagram page on Monday and did so for a very special reason related to Colunga.

Blanca Soto.

Heat mix

And it’s just the premiere of his new drama, number.

Blanca Soto; Fernando Colunga.

Heat mix (x2)

The one who was the heroine of successful series like Eva Luna And Because love has rules He posted a video from his Instagram stories in which he compiles different photos of the actor during the recordings of this long-awaited novel that arrived on Telemundo on Monday.

Blanca Soto Instagram

Blanca Soto Instagram

The actress also shared the melodrama’s release date in another Instagram story, urging her more than 900,000 followers not to miss it.

Blanca Soto Instagram

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In addition to being the protagonist, Colunga is also a producer of number“You always try to add things. Sometimes they say you’re trying to change stories and add things. No. That’s what writers are there for. You try to find things that enrich your character, not just your character, but other people’s because what we all want is for the audience to have a good time, to do us a favor with our vision and to give us success,” the artist said in an interview for the show. At home with Telemundo He talked about his participation in the story of this period.

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