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Eduardo Manzano is hospitalized in an emergency situation

Eduardo Manzano is hospitalized in an emergency situation

In social networks, the actor began to spread information unfortunately “Family of ten” Eduardo Manzano He was in intensive care.

Given this, his wife Susanna Manzano made the situation clear Refusal Which are in intensive care.

Additionally, Eduardo was already hospitalized in an emergency situation upon his presentation Bile duct infection That they already handled.

“This is not true. What a gossip! Do not be afraid, my husband is fine. The picture of the infection he treated before came back, but with one bacteria remaining, the biliary infection came back, but he is fine now, I have never lost my appetite or laugh.”

Thankfully, Manzano was treated on time, and little by little got better, so much so that he was eating really well.

“We are in the hospital because he had a bile duct infection and they had antibiotics, but he is fine thank God. They are still unable to get rid of it because the antibiotic they give him only through the serum has been diagnosed by the gastroenterologist; Dr. Granados, but he is here.” , In the room, calm, eats, and handles. “

Finally, Lallo’s son called Michel Rubalcava to confirm that his 82-year-old father was not in serious condition, but rather that he would like to leave the hospital very soon, which is located in the neighborhood of Rome.

“I was with him at the weekend because it was my birthday and as a gift I asked to come and see him because I was in Cancun. We were singing, and he sang Las Manyitas to me, and some family members were there; the fact that he was in the hospital did not mean that his strength or vitality had taken them away.”

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Eduardo Manzano is in the hospital