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Ali Sanchez, Yuey, Breña Palma and El Mocho travel to Cuba

Ali Sanchez, Yuey, Breña Palma and El Mocho travel to Cuba

Ali Sanchez And his inseparable teammates Yoyi, Preña Palma and El Mocho visit Cuba The social networking sites of the four artists bear witness to their old age.

And like good influencers, they started taking photos and videos from the Miami airport, on the plane, and even from the moment they landed on the island.

Instagram Capture/Ali Sanchez

Surrounded by family, friends and neighborhood neighborsAli and his companions enjoy a few days at their beloved Sancti Spíritus.

Capture Instagram/Yoyi

They were not missing Cuban food, grilled pork in spikes And a tour of his native Banaue in the Escambray Hills.

Instagram Capture/Ali Sanchez

Excited to be back home, Brenna Palma shared photos of this province's capital with A “I love this place”.

Instagram capture/pregnant Palma

The most beautiful thing for artists is to see them Love of the Cuban public Who recognizes them on the streets and stops them to take pictures.

Instagram Capture/Ali Sanchez

“Look how nice people are to us.”“, Ali wrote in one of her Instagram stories

In December 2022 Ali Sanchez too Visited Cuba with Yoyia moment in which he shared photos of the place where he was born and lived most of his childhood and adolescence.

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