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“Colombia can no longer tolerate this”: singer J. Palvin calls for an end to the “civil war” in his country and non-violence in protests.


May 5, 2021 13:52 GMT

“When we regain our spirits, it is very likely that we will restore peace,” says the Colombian reggaeton singer, “but never for our dead. No to violence.”

Colombian singer José Alvaro Osorio Palvin, known in the art world as Guy Palvin, asserted that his country was going through a “civil war” and that there were “no words” to describe what was happening.

talk to me EFE Agency On his documentary “The Boy from Medellín”, which premiered on Friday, Regetton brackets the “complex situation” of violence amid protests against a national strike on Colombian soil. “We hope to reach something through love, forgiveness and conversation. Hatred breeds more hatredThe artist, who seeks to “open his eyes,” commented on what was happening.

Balvin took advantage of his social media fame and millions of followers to echo the social and political crisis in the South American country. Through his Instagram account, President Ivan Duque invited to Stop this civil warAnd his colleagues and other artists to spread the message that the country needs help to stop this “absurd” conflict.

“When we restore morale, it is very likely that we will restore peace, but for our dead, never. No to violence.” Wrote This Tuesday on Twitter. “Colombia can not stand this anymore.” repeat In another message.

The urban music singer thus joins the many Colombian artists who have spoken in the middle of the demonstrations. Recently, Shakira Was expressed Against the violent repression of the government, while Carol G. called on the president to “listen to his people.” Others like Juanes, Carlos Vives and Carolina Ramirez pointed to the situation.

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From the outside, Canadian Justin Bieber called for “to pray for the people of Colombia,” and Puerto Rican René Perez, better known as Residente, I’m calling In publishing pictures of confrontations between the forces of the regime and the demonstrators, because he believes that this contributes “in a more realistic and honest way” so that the world knows what is happening.