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“Airplane bathrooms are not intended for…”

“Airplane bathrooms are not intended for…”

Luis Vargas to passengers: “Airplane bathrooms are not intended for …”

A video was broadcast on social networks in which the famous Dominican pachatero Luis Vargas took the flight attendant’s microphone to address passengers and make a statement about the correct use of bathrooms on planes.

And the artist indicated that when traveling by plane, passengers are advised to use the bathroom at home before boarding the plane. As there are those who use the airplane bathrooms inappropriately, which leaves an unpleasant smell.

Luis Vargas stressed that airplane bathrooms should not be used for a bowel movement, but only for urination. Because this causes an unpleasant smell that affects the flying experience.

While expressing his dissatisfaction with the stench situation in the bathroom, the passengers screamed and laughed.

Pachatero advised passengers that an airplane was not the right place to perform their bowel needs. Although he conceded that on some occasions this could not be avoided, which was why he urged
Passengers must manage their time properly and try to do these activities before the flight.

It should be noted that this incident caused mixed reactions on social networking sites, as some users praised the artist’s words, while others considered it inappropriate.
Take the host’s microphone to make these kinds of comments.

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