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David Beckham shows off his talent in the kitchen to the beat of Juan Gabriel

David Beckham shows off his talent in the kitchen to the beat of Juan Gabriel

Dr..Since his time as a player, David Beckham He became a kind of citizen of the world: a cosmopolitan man who also made magic with a ball at his feet, but who was also a successful model, actor, and businessman. lives in United Statehe keeps his intense English accent and cooks Mexican food.

This is how we saw it in a video shared by his wife, Victoria Beckhamwho shared a strange moment with Bex in the kitchen with his daughter, Harper Cooking traditional Mexican “burritos”, with hot sauces with different ingredients and also the typical guacamole.

But also, the Inter Miami contributor’s secret recipe is to cook to the beat of the songs John Gabriel One of the most famous composers in that country.

while David and Harper They exchange ingredients and preparations, “I have no money” remarks are heard. There’s even a moment when Harper tries to follow the notes a few steps from salsa, showing that they don’t have much knowledge about the band’s music. “Defo from Juarez” And one of his most representative works.

Latin influence in the Beckham household

The video has already reached 3.5 million views, due to Beckham’s subtle taste for Mexican music. In addition, among the comments, the family is recognized to live together in a comfortable way and share the kitchen, as one of the most important bonds in the family, because not everything is football or a jet plane.

Currently, the Beckhams rotate their residence time between cities Los Angeles and Miami, So the Latino influence in the family is very strong and this video is a clear example of the influence of Mexican culture in that house.

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