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The Venezuelan regime called the deployment of two US aircraft in Guyana a “provocation”.

The Venezuelan regime called the deployment of two US aircraft in Guyana a “provocation”.

Venezuela called the deployment of two US planes in Guyana a “provocation” (EFE).

The rule of Venezuela This Jupiter condemns deployment and excessive flight Two planes Americans Inside Guyana And these actions were called provocations.

“The Bolivarian National Armed Forces strongly rejects these Repeated provocations by the Southern CommandFunded by the Government of Guyana, it plays a role New North American Colony” warned Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez Its aerospace defense system “remains implemented “Before any attempt to violate the Venezuelan geographic space”including Essequibo.

The US Embassy in Georgetown had earlier announced that its officials would carry out the maneuvers with “two US Navy aircraft”. F/A-18F Super Hornetsboarded an aircraft carrier USS George Washington (…) with the cooperation and approval of local authorities.

In coordination with local authorities, the US conducted maneuvers with two F/A-18F Super Hornets launched from the USS George Washington.

At the same time, they noted that Julie Nethercott, director of strategy, policies and programs for the Southern Command, was in the Central American country in recent days. All “Strategic Planning, Policy Development and Coordination of Security Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean”.

The move comes amid an ongoing dispute over Caracas and the Georgetown area. EssequiboRich with an area of ​​approximately 160,000 square kilometers Petroleum and other natural resources, which both countries consider their own.

On December 3, the dictator Nicolás Maduro He took his claim a step further and arranged Referendum In which, as he promised, a large section of people voted in favor Attach territory. Also, he began distributing Venezuelan identity cards to undocumented immigrants living on the periphery and ordered the establishment of an agency. Military unit nearby.

Venezuela has deployed armed forces along its Atlantic coast

Later, in mid-April, Padrino said the military would not withdraw from its Atlantic coast until a “satisfactory” resolution of the conflict was reached.

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“We will not cease to be on our Atlantic coast until this territorial dispute concerning our Esquibo is concluded in a peaceful and satisfactory settlement to the parties.” “At this “historic moment” it is crucial to confront “all conspiracy, corruption and imperialist intentions,” he said after urging Bolivarian militias earlier in Caracas to prepare economic, social and comprehensive plans sooner rather than later. Accomplish the historic task of reclaiming the territory”.

Maduro will put pressure on his neighbors to sit at the negotiating table with him, away from mediation by outside bodies. “Going to the International Court of Justice is a lie and a false illusion, an irregular move for Guyana” And, therefore, “there is only one thing left Relax and sit in front of the President of Venezuela”.

Maduro is trying to get Guyana to sit down to negotiate for Essequibo (EFE).

For its part, Guyana refers to the signing of the agreement in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in which the parties agreed to work towards a peaceful solution to the dispute without the use of force. Likewise, it continues to provide Oil production licensesAs it did last month with the American company ExxonMobilCaracas objected to the “submission of resources” it considered its own.

(with information from EFE)