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Robert F.  Kennedy Jr. reveals that a worm has eaten part of his brain

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals that a worm has eaten part of his brain

New York, USA.

Independent candidate for President of the United States Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ‘misguided’ Kennedy Saga, In a 2012 court notice, his Doctors They said he had one A dead worm On the brain, according to the New York Times.

The Times had access report, Process related Divorce of Kennedy JrIn it he explained that he suffered a loss in 2010 remember And mental confusion, So he ran tests and it was a “black spot” within it brain, Initially identified as a tumor.

However, when he was ready orPerado, another doctor called him with a second opinion. Abnormality on brain scan “A Worm It entered my brain Ate a portion Later on died”The politician said in his statement.

Kennedy Jr. ran additional tests, and after a few weeks there was no change in the “spot,” so the doctors concluded that the cyst “corresponds to the remains of a cyst.” Parasite”, suspecting that he had contracted some sort of expedition South of Asia, he told The Times recently.

Memory loss

Son-in-law of the President of the United States John F. Kennedy (1961-1963) revealed the discovery in action Divorce His ex-wife Mary Richardson and said he was the victim “Cognitive problems“And Memory loss Arguably, it had less purchasing power in the short and long term.

The candidate told the Times that he was on the mend symptoms, Neither did he follow the treatment nor did he suffer ConsequencesAnd his spokesman asked about the possibility that his health would harm him if he switched President, “It’s a hilarious suggestion considering the competition,” he replied.

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Age and health of prime candidates White House One of the biggest concerns for voters ahead of the November election: the Democratic Party Joe Biden The 81-year-old is a RepublicanOr Donald Trump 77.

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Kennedy Jr., 70, considered ‘black sheepKennedy’s and his pAnti-vaccine ostura, Suffers from a common coronary disease that leads him In the hospital At least four times, but he claims he hasn’t had any incidents in over a decade.

And, on the same dates as he knew A worm in the brainThe politician was diagnosed with mercury poisoning dirty fishor with heavy metal causing serious neurological problems.

Although Kennedy Jr. had no chance Begin the presidency of America to do Democrats or Republicans, its simple presence on the ballot could cause irreparable damage to one of the two major parties. EFE