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Harry Styles refused to go to the Met Gala to avoid falling out with his girlfriend, model Emily Ratajkowski

Harry Styles was not present at the 2023 MET Gala, as his former partner Olivia Wilde will also be at the venue and his new girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski accepted the invitation. (image: file)

Harry Stiles He rose to prominence in his music career thanks to his participation in the group One-wayAnd This made him gather a huge fan base that has vowed to follow him in his solo career ever since the band announced its disbandment.

This led to his absence Met Gala 2023 It provoked all kinds of reactions among his followers, who expected to see him pay tribute to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld with the subject beauty line. However, the media like daily Mail They stated that the British had avoided at all costs being on the scene.

According to a source who was consulted by the media, the 29-year-old composer also received an invitation from Anna Wintour who heartily rejects him when he finds out that his ex-partner, Olivia Wilde I will also walk the white carpet. This is taking into account that his model girlfriend time to contest the contract they have on the transfer, Called by an editor Vogue magazine.

Emily Ratajkowski was also in attendance at the MET Gala, so Harry Styles chose not to attend to avoid problems with his new girlfriend. The name of the event was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”. Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

“Harry was invited to the Met Gala, but knowing they were both there, he definitely avoided it like the bubonic plague,” the source said. daily Mail.

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Although his team tried to persuade him to attend Oscar fashionAnd Take the necessary measures to ensure that the two stars do not meet at any time, Translator as it was And Olivia Preferably avoid any danger, as happened on occasions with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in events of equal importance.

Olivia Wilde was in attendance at this year’s MET Gala that paid tribute to the fashion czar’s reputation: “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

“His team told him they would take all necessary measures to ensure there was no embarrassing encounter with Olivia, but he wasn’t willing to take that risk,” added the source who consulted him. daily Mail.

The English singer and producer’s love life has not been on the right track, as reported in international media such as TMZ. his relationship with Olivia Wilde And it ended in November 2022, after more than two years of the relationship while filming the movie. do not worry, honey Directed by the artist’s former partner.

Captured on the streets of California, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have a picnic in 2021 (Image: Backgrid/The Grosby Group)

It was one of the first means of announcing the breakup of the famous couple the people, To which he added that the celebrities weren’t on the same page at the time, with different priorities, which kept them apart. The same source that the information portal consulted confirmed that he provided some of them The ups and downs of a relationship.

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“It’s impossible to have a relationship when it’s on every continent next year and Olivia has her job and kids,” said a source. PageSix, Hinting that this decision was the right one for both of them.

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were caught in Tokyo giving a passionate kiss. (screenshot/Twitter @erodarush)

The first to talk about the beginning of this union was the model Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer In the middle of a podcast he participated in Eileen Kelly, In it, he claimed to have been dating someone since February 2023, describing him as: “That’s kind of cool.”.

Regarding her preferences, she indicated that she was not interested in them Father’s problemsAnd That’s why he’s always been clear about what he’s looking for in a partner: Manhood a theme that attracts many to the British model; In addition to being economically independent, a kind-hearted person who has the ability to reflect on her actions, as she was not willing to live the same thing that happened with her ex-husband. Sebastian Bear McClard.

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