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Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joanna Vega-Bistro discuss in Salé Sol: “Get Started”

Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joanna Vega-Bistro discuss in Salé Sol: “Get Started”

  • Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joana Vega-Biestro made speeches in the middle of the live programme.
  • Gustavo Adolfo accused Joanna of defaming him.
  • Joanna defended herself and the dimes and drakes were armed until Ana Maria Alvarado had to be the mediator in the discussion that erupted.

This morning in “Sale Soul”, Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joanna Vega Bistro They had hot Discussion entirely live program.

It all happened when the reporter complained to Joana and Anna Maria Alvarado “To discredit him” and made the following comment, “I really hated that they always discredit me,” because when making a remark about Giovanni Medina implying that he was looking forward to going out with Sherlyn, the journalist received a direct message from ex-Ninell Conde to clarify the situation and ask him Clarify that they only have a good friendship.

Esto hizo señalar a Joana que no iba a defender a los famosos solo porque se llevaran bien con ella y dijo, “nadie cambió nada (de sus palabras)”, mientras que Kaffie agregó, “entonces ya quiere marcar la línea editorial de un Mr.; however, I blew these words of his classmate, Gustavo, and said, “The fact that I have the sources so many times, that you don’t have, well, sorry, don’t be upset, I have the notes you almost don’t have, that said.

Gustavo Adolfo went on and said that his buddies came yesterday also to get a note about Yolanda Andrade and asked them to “work”, yesterday something with Yolanda Andrade, I cut exclusively and went to her directly to the jugular, to work! Take your notes… Here I am doing the exclusives and that is the reality.”

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Anna then reproached Maria and said, “Yes, we work more or less than you.” To which Joanna added, “If it bothers you that we are objective and give our opinion on a remark you made, sorry (sorry), I don’t.” She explained with Anna Maria that they also have contacts for feedback and work.

Gustavo went on to defend his work and said, “Here’s the truth is that you always want to slander you, start to work… Joanna, you haven’t had an exclusive since you’ve been here, only one, I’ve gotten really fat, really I didn’t like it, the network, they They always distort my credibility.”

Anna Maria then took on the role of mediator and tried to calm the situation, commenting, “I think it’s neither the place nor the way to say it…You don’t respect our opinions,” but Gustavo interrupted her by saying, “Those who don’t respect you are.”

The driver continued to respond to what Gustavo said as she called him to solve the problem and said: “Always change it at your convenience, this does not happen on the air, the wrong person is you.”

Gustavo went on to explain why he thought his colleagues were discrediting him, “Yesterday…seriously, that’s not possible, I started to analyze it, that they started defending Sergio Mayer against a mother who doesn’t want to defend her daughter any more, I don’t know what your interests are with Meyer, I don’t know if he gave you a job, offered you a job.”

Anna Maria denied any interest in Mayer and replied, “I’m surprised that after being a partner for so long, I made a claim like this on air, because I don’t think it’s the right thing to do and we’re enjoying it. I respect your work, you should respect us because they are just opinions, we are here to give opinions and we only have a discussion table, I discussed it with you, it’s nothing personal, it’s a discussion and we don’t all have to think the same way you do, I think that’s what we should understand.”

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Gustavo continued, “We don’t have to make the same opinion, but the distortion, starting with Joana Vega-Biestro, makes me very tired, so from now on I will ask the company to remove me. This program is for me or to remove Joanna.”

For her part, Joanna was not silent and rebutted, “If we don’t think the same, it doesn’t mean I’m questioning your credibility… Oh my God, are you threatening me in the air? Wow… Let’s see, look Gustavo, if you wanna go To your arguments.You’re talking about “Um, that’s not possible, that we don’t offend…and you threaten me on air.”

Finally, Gustavo Adolfo commented, “No, I say what I’m going to do, because I don’t want to continue working with you” and Anna Maria concluded the awkward moment by sending a commercial break, “Let’s see, I think we all should calm down, we’re on the air, Joss, we have to calm down, It’s okay, we have to talk about it off the air, we’re partners, I don’t think it’s the best time, I mean, you have your points… We’ll be professional, but we’ll cut it and come back,” he finished.