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Gerard Picot: His first betrayal appears ... with Leo DiCaprio's ex-husband!

Gerard Picot: His first betrayal appears … with Leo DiCaprio’s ex-husband!

And thePhotographers Jordi Martin revealed new intimate details this weekend Gerrard Pique She confirmed that about 10 years ago, the Colombian singer discovered her first infidelity with Israeli model and presenter Bar Raffaele, who also had an on-and-off relationship with the protagonist Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio Between 2006 and 2011. “I received a lot of things from Gerrard, but I wasn’t the one to go talk to Shakira. That crisis was driven because I found letters with Bar Rafaeli, but it wasn’t just letters, it was intimate encounters.”

As the journalist said: “In this case I feud with pico It was coming for many years. I have a bad relationship with him. I’ve always known about his wanderings in Barcelona, ​​because it’s after all a small town.”

“I’ve received a lot of things from Gerrard, but I wasn’t the one to talk to. Shakira. Jordi Martin noted that the impetus for this crisis was that he discovered letters with Bar Refaeli, but they were not only letters, but intimate encounters.

His current relationship with Clara Cha

In addition, the reporter told how the relationship between Cha Martin And a football player Barcelona. “Gerrard is known to have a best friend, and Clara was that friend’s brother’s girlfriend. They told me that Biko had fallen in love with her from the first time they saw her and they changed their phones. They started going out secretly. Effects He not only left this man’s girlfriend, but also expelled him from Cosmos. Instead, he hired the girl. This relationship started with deception Shakira And poor Clara’s friend.”

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The footballer, who is tired of the information coming to light, will ask the courts to intervene Preventive measures Spacing that protects the private space of their children, whose well-being is the top priority and the concern of the athlete in these times, he stated.