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New Garcia: "They tricked me with lies and lies"

New Garcia: “They tricked me with lies and lies”

This morning, a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida as urban artist Nio Garcia asked to dissolve his record contract with AH Entertainment, Inc. , known in the art world, such as Flow La Movie, Inc.

According to information released through a press release, Executive Producer Jose Hernandez, better known as “Flo La Movi,” has been leading the company since 2016, releasing several hit songs such as “Te Boté Remix” and “AM Remix,” among others. other things.

Hernandez died in a plane crash on December 15, 2021. “As a result of the tragedy, it is alleged in the lawsuit that the producer’s mother, Elianes Ruiz, declared herself the president of Flow la Movie and the only heir to her son. However, there is still no announcement of the heirs and Ms. Ruiz intends to deprive the daughter The only surviving of Mr. Hernandez,” according to the note.

“The suit alleges that Ms. Ruiz had unlawfully controlled the operations of Flow La Movie given the fact that she was not appointed by the Ten Commandments Court as executor of Mr. Hernández’s estate. Ms. Ruiz allegedly did everything in her power to impede Nio Garcia’s music career by causing The company’s failure to fulfill its contractual obligations to the artist. Nio is asking the court to release him from the record contract or, alternatively, to order the appointment of an appropriate person to run the company and ensure compliance with his contractual obligations,” he adds.

Via Nio García via his social networks: “I’m crazy about making music, but they tricked me with lies and lies.”

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The press release adds: “The alleged will of Mr. Hernandez that Mrs. Ruiz submitted to the Ten Commandments Court is highly questionable. There is no original document, but a copy in our opinion was not granted in accordance with the law. Florida law states that in the absence of an original will, It is presumed that the person who prepared the will destroyed and/or rescinded it and the situation should be treated as if the will did not exist.” Mr. Edwin Prado, New Garcia attorney. For this reason, the lawsuit mentions the dispute in Ten Commandments Court in Polk County, Florida, between the defendant, Elianes Ruiz, and the only surviving daughter of Mr.