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Gullit Peña, insulted by DT;  They call it "drunk, damn ..."

Gullit Peña, insulted by DT; They call it “drunk, damn …”

Mexico City /

Mexican football player Carlos Pena, Who is currently working at FAS Sports Club, Was involved in A. New controversy distance Had a quarrel With players and coaching staff from Municipal Limeño.

At the end of the first half of the tournament quarter-final match section One from The savior That ended 2-1 in favor Axe, The Juliet Pina Engaged in verbal quarrels with the players Romulo Villalobos s Ramon VieiraAnd also with the coach Nelson Anchetta.

Technical Director of Municipal Limeño It was calledDrunk, son …For the Mexican player when they went to the locker room in Oscar Quietinho Stadium.

The reporter captured the moment Daniel Figueroa, Who shared the moment on his account Twitter; In the recording you hear the insult of the coach Looking for Against the ex Lion, Chivas And Cruz Azul.

Just a few days ago Juliet Pina I have indicated that I want to Leaving the “alcoholic” fame behind That worries him, as he confirms that he has never seen it Drink intoxicating drinks.

“Sometimes Many people unknowingly criticize, judge, and point out Really to the person or to find out what happened, Alcohol has always been mentioned about me, But if I searched YouTube or all the pics that came out of me, I guess They never saw a picture of me having an alcoholic drinkHe told ESPN.

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