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Barcelona begins negotiations to play temporarily at the Montjuic Stadium

Barcelona begins negotiations to play temporarily at the Montjuic Stadium

Barcelona – Barcelona is already thinking, officially, of moving its matches to the Montjuic Stadium “for some time” during the implementation of the Camp Nou works, which the club intends to start “as soon as possible”.

On Thursday, Joan Laporta met with the mayor of the city, Ada Colau, and told her about the club’s plans, which include improvements to the España Barcelona project, given the current project, which was approved under Bartomeu’s mandate, is “outdated”. Urgently demanding that permits to start businesses be granted, and in parallel, I inform him of the option to play in the municipal stadium when the business makes it impossible to use the Camp Nou.

During the presidential election campaign, only Laporta’s nomination publicly raised the possibility of playing in the Olympic Stadium, an option that both Victor Font and Tony Friksa completely rejected, among other things, because they only warned of Montjuic’s whereabouts. It has a capacity of 56,000 fans, which is about 30,000 fewer than holders of Camp Nou season tickets

The current vice president of the institution, Elena Forte, has led the way in the electoral period, warning of this option and explaining the impossibility of gathering 80,000 spectators in Barcelona’s stadium during some business periods as the other candidates have defended. And once at the club, in cooperation with the manager in charge of España Barcelona, ​​Jordi Lawrado, he confirmed and transferred the fitness to Laporta.

Prior to the meeting between the club president and the mayor, Fort herself, with Llauradó and General Manager Ferran Riverter, held a meeting with representatives of the city council, after which Barcelona issued a statement stating that “the idea in which the club is working is that while carrying out the work, the stadium will never lose capacity for about 80,000 seats.

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However, it was recalled that, for a short period of time, Camp Nou would not be able to host matches or spectators, a fact that would force the entity to search temporarily for a new home, and this would most likely be Estadi Olímpic Lluís.

In the meeting between representatives of the club and the city council, it was revealed the renovation work that must take place at the Olympic Stadium, the preservation of which is currently far from the minimum required to open its doors to the public and must be appropriate. It is understood that when the new roof is raised at the Camp Nou and it is impossible to play on it.