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Marc-André ter Stegen, en el partido del Barcelona ante la Juventus

Ter Stegen is drenched with Messi’s future and Haaland’s signature

Marc-André ter Stegen gave an interview to Sport-1 In which he talked about current affairs for F.C.B And the future of the club with Leo Messi, Erling Haaland and Joan Laporta are champions From his interview with the German media, on the preview of the launch of the “last four” League, in which Barcelona will seek to win the league title.

The first point that Barcelona goalkeeper was questioned was Leo Messi, who terminated his contract with Barcelona in the summer and has yet to renew. The German noticed that “Messi is the limit. It would be a big loss for Barcelona if he leaves, but only he will decide whether or not he will leave.”He was sentenced.

“When they introduced themselves to us, they released tremendous energy. He gave a fiery speech and said, ‘Hey guys, we can do that!’

In turn talked about Joan Laporta His close relationship with the dressing room at the start of his second term as president of FC Barcelona. “The new president and his deputy (Rafa Yosti) are a Barcelona fan and they are moving him. When they introduced themselves to us, they released tremendous energy. He gave a fiery speech and said: “Guys, we can do that!” The way my family talks to us is totally captivating. “

In fact, Ter Stegen explained, “It gives rise to goose bumps when I talk about it right now. Because when you think of a boss, you usually have in your head someone who is not leaving,” but that, instead, “Laporta is the opposite. It is very accessible and gives incredible energy.”, I acknowledge.

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On the other hand, he has also given his opinion regarding a future Erling Haaland, The player he wants half of Europe and the one Barcelona wants to fight for in the summer, pointing out, “Why doesn’t he stay in Dortmund? It wouldn’t be a step back for him.” If he leaves, the team he’s going to will have a great striker for the next ten years. It will make any team better. “

However, he did not want to talk deeply about the economic situation of Barcelona and was happy not to work as a manager for Barcelona. “The club has huge debts. But we try to keep these problems out of the locker room. Our job is to play football. They pay us for it. And to be completely honest: I am happy that I am not working as a manager and that I have to do this important task. “

Despite this, he admitted that they are from the dressing room “aware of our duty with the club and the people.” It affected me in my contract, but I think I have found a solution with the club for this football period without spectators in the epidemic. ”, Indicates “Sport-1”.

She is “wet” in Superliga

Finally, Ter Stegen talked about the Super League and the controversy that erupted last week after that Manchester United fans will conquer Old Trafford To protest the decisions of the club’s owners. The goalkeeper noted, “I understand the people’s discontent, but there should be no field conquest.” I haven’t dealt with this topic much. I knew nothing about it beforehand and was surprised by the topic. I never thought this (Premier League) could try it as a player. “

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About the potential penalties that founding clubs might face, he said, “I don’t know what kind of strength some people have. I can only say again: The Premier League plans surprised me at that time.” I only found this from the media then did an internet search and read newspapers. Anyone can express their opinion, and I think saying “yes” to everything is very light. “Things have to be reversed,” he concluded.