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Guatemala wins, scores likes and tops Group C in CONCACAF qualifiers

Guatemala wins, scores likes and tops Group C in CONCACAF qualifiers

Under the watchful eye of the Blue and White's captain, Ana Lucia Martinez, who is at the Zone 5 giant, the Marvin Cabrera-led team started the match in good fashion, taking an early lead.

In the first minutes, Matthew Evans, a player for the Los Angeles Galaxy 2 youth team, began to show signs of performance, when he tested the resistance of the visitors’ goalkeeper, after he rose early to face the opponent’s defense.

However, despite the power of the shot, he was unable to convert it and went into the corner. Almost immediately, the Bicolor got ahead on the scoreboard thanks to an own goal from Tyler Flanders, who missed a cross from Chapines and ended up putting it into the net.

After the first, the local team took advantage of the momentum to search for the second and achieved it just before the break. When Evans scored his opening goal in the 44th minute.

After the break, the third was arrived by number 9, Daniel Mendes, aged 56. Evans then repeated that at the age of 61, and meanwhile in the Doroteo stands we were able to see a young boy taking a photo with the Rayadas de Monterrey player.

In the 68th minute, Evans completed his hat-trick in a wonderful way, after receiving only from the right side, and after a cross that eliminated the goalkeeper, he sealed the score with his less skillful foot, 5-0 for the Guatemalans.

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Finally, in stoppage time, Sylvain Sagastom, with a mid-range shot, seemed to put an end to Guatemala's 6-0 victory over San Martín. With this result, Cabrera's team rises to first place in Group C, which includes Curacao second, with two matches, one victory and four points, Aruba third, San Martin fourth, and Barbados.

After the victory, Guatemala achieved its second victory after defeating Barbados 3-1 last Friday, and will return to the competition next Tuesday the 29th, at seven in the evening, against Aruba in the same stage.