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Google is testing an AI assistant that gives tips for life

Google is testing an AI assistant that gives tips for life

a few months ago, Googlefell into a fast-paced competition with competitors such as Microsoft And Open AI To develop technology artificial intelligence, He was looking for ways to advance his research in artificial intelligence.

So, in April, Google merged deep mind, A research lab he had acquired Londonwith brain, team of artificial intelligence that started on Silicon Valley.

Four months later, these standardized groups are tested tools New and ambitious that can transform Generative artificial intelligence The technology behind chatbots chat From OpenAI and Google’s Bard – to a consultant for lin personal life.

According to some documents and other materials reviewed by The New York Times, Google DeepMind he works with artificial intelligence General to develop at least 21 kinds of personal tasks and professionals, Including tools that provide users Tips and ideas Planning instructions f Recommendations to Stady.

This project was a sign of urgency Google Try to move forward in a field artificial intelligence It was a sign of their increasing willingness to outsource critical tasks to i-systemsartificial intelligence.

The features also marked a shift from the alert I had Google versus generative artificial intelligence. In December, during a slideshow for executives and IT professionals protectiond who artificial intelligence From the company has warned of rRisks That people become emotionally attached to whatChatbots.

Despite being a pioneer in artificial intelligence generative, Google Overshadowed by the release chat of OpenAI in November, igniting a competition between tech giants and startups for supremacy in this fast-growing field.

Google He’s spent the past nine months trying to prove he can keep up Open AI and its partner Microsoft when launching Bard to improve their systems artificial intelligence and integrating the technology into many of their existing products, including the search engine and gmail.

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scale aMe, a contractor I work withnDeepMind to Google, Teams of workers were formed to test the jobs and included more than 100 experts Ph.D In different regions and even more workers assessing the response of the tools, two people with knowledge of the project commented and spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about it.

Scale AI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Among other things, workers test this assistant’s ability to answer intimate questions about challenges in peoples life.

They are given some examples of a perfect message any user could ask Chat bot At one point: “A very close friend is getting married this winter. She was my roommate in college and Bridesmaid at my wedding. I really want to go to her wedding to make it up to her, but it’s so many months after that To search for a jobI still can’t find it. It’s a destination wedding and now I can’t afford it A plane ticket Nor is the hotel. How do I tell him I can’t come?

Brainstorm function for project Users can make suggestions or Recommendations based on some situations. Your mentoring role can teach new skills or improve existing ones, for example, how to progress as a runner; and the planning functions can create Financial budget for users, as well Workout plans And feed.

Artificial intelligence security specialists from Google It said in December that users may experience “deterioration in their health and well-being” and “energy lossIf they follow the AI ​​recommendations for life. They added that some users who had become too dependent on the technology might think it was conscious. And in March, when it launched Google Bard, it said this chatbot was forbidden to give medical advicefinancial or legal. Bard shares mental health resources with users who say they struggle with anxiety.

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These tools are still under evaluation and the company may decide not to use them.

Spokesman Deep mind to Google He commented: “We have long worked with a variety of partners to evaluate our research and our products at Google, which is critical to delivering safe and useful technology. There are many such evaluations going on all the time. Isolated samples of evaluation data are not our plan.” product work“.

In July, the Times reported it Google It is also testing a utility for journalists that can create and rewrite news articles and suggest headlines. The company was progressing the program, Genesis is called, according to executives from The Times, The Washington Post and News Corp., the parent company of The Wall Street Journal.

According to documents, recently, Deep mind to Google Tools that can lead to artificial intelligence In the workplace, such as the job to create scientific, creative and professional texts, as well as to recognize patterns and extract information from the text, and possibly make it relevant to knowledge workers in various fields and industries.