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WhatsApp is finally in full HD

WhatsApp is finally in full HD

The WhatsApp Now it’s officially switching to HD, because on Thursday August 17th, Mark Zuckerberg reported on the Meta Instagram channel, users will now be able to share high-resolution photos with other contacts on both Android and iOS.

With this option, it was possible to preserve the original dimensions of the image during transmission, avoiding image compression, and thus achieve higher quality. Later, during the month of June, it became known that WhatsApp had started testing sending high-resolution images with some users in beta versions of Android and iOS. Now, as the company announced in a statement, users can officially submit HD quality photos on the Meta platform.

With this new option, you can share images in higher resolution, while also maintaining the end-to-end encryption protection of WhatsApp. Specifically, it’s a functionality designed for “those special moments that you want your friends and family to enjoy down to the last detail,” the company shared. However, as they explain, in order to ensure that photos continue to be exchanged “quickly and efficiently”, standard quality will continue to be the default option with which photos are sent. Following this line, if a user receives an image when they have a low bandwidth connection, WhatsApp allows them to choose whether they want to download in HD quality or if they prefer to keep the standard quality.

In fact, this selection can be carried out picture by picture. With all this said, WhatsApp has made it clear that the high definition image functionality will be rolled out worldwide “in the coming weeks”. In addition, the social network has also advanced and, in the same way, will implement an option to send HD videos that will “arrive soon”.

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