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This is the most drastic change to calls on the iPhone with iOS 17

This is the most drastic change to calls on the iPhone with iOS 17

Apple moved the end call button in iOS 17 (Getty Images)

the Biting apple company VI released iOS 17 beta For developers, although there aren’t many new features available, it does come with two important changes.

The first occurs after a barrage of complaints against manzana Over the past week to change the traditional position of Close call buttonwhich even for all users remains in the center of the bottom of the entire screen, a few centimeters from the two rows of commands where we find functions such as silence or speakerphone.

The current layout of the call buttons on the iPhone.
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The end call button has been in a new place since the first iOS 17 beta released in June, but it’s recently been gaining attention since then. Move from the center of the screen to the bottom right corner.

The calling screen in a previous iOS 17 beta. The end call button is on the bottom right. (iOS 17)

Something that did not please users who unleashed a wave of complaints Due to the redistribution of this command that lived independently and in this version began to be integrated into the ranks and in the last position, using the keyboard button or the button to silence the neighbors.

Backlash may have contributed to Apple’s decision to put the end call button back in the middle.

In fact, in its latest beta update, the company founded by Steve Jobs move it again, and is now embedded in the lower half of the call screen instead of in the right corner. Although in this case, it’s not quite the same as it was originally, because now it’s accompanied by other contact controls.

The end call button is now in the center of the bottom row. (iOS 17)

Apple may have moved the call screen controls to the bottom of the screen to make room for iOS 17’s new call logos, designed to show the faces of people you’re talking to.

Call screen in an earlier version of iOS 17 beta (techvengers)

Plus, the bottom call controls make them easier to use on larger phone screens, though having the call controls so close together will definitely put some people off when they just want to mute or use the keyboard.

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For now, this is a small change that should not cause much difficulty once Apple officially launches the new software with the new iPhone 15 family.

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Another big change that came with the sixth beta of iOS 17 is the ability to send photos through the Messages app in a faster and more efficient way.

This is because the list of items to send has changed and is now on the left side when the + button is pressed, which displays a list of items that can be requested for sharing photos more quickly.

It is no longer necessary to press it, press the pictures icon and send a picture, just click on it and choose the picture.

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Apple will release the new version of the operating system with the iPhone 15. (Unsplash)

The iOS 17 beta also comes with other interesting news:

Apple continues to change the interface and animations for the sentiment log for the Health app.

– The new splash screen when opening the Photos app that tells us what news we’ll see.

– In Display & Brightness settings, iOS 17 wallpapers appear inside iPhone icons.