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Multi-device WhatsApp is now in beta

Multi-device WhatsApp is now in beta

Mark Zuckerberg has been tasked with providing the first details of multi-device support for The WhatsApp He expects this feature to start reaching early adopters within a couple of months.

Now, WhatsApp’s multi-device mode has started activating early access with its beta version; In this way, this long-awaited new feature finally begins to come true.

To see if our devices can test this function, we must go to Adjustments> Associated devices (s WhatsApp Web) and check if the new option appears multi-position beta.

This multi-device mode will allow us to connect our cell phone with up to four additional devices (WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Portal), in order to continue the connection even if the phone is switched off.

We must remember that at the moment, in order to synchronize our WhatsApp account, the mobile must remain on.

In fact, with this new functionality, when we activate the beta version of multi-device support, we will see how the beta code appears to indicate that this new version does not depend on the cell phone to work.

The app also made it clear that our conversations are not stored in the cloud and that they will be end-to-end encrypted on all of our devices.

In fact, the device is de-duplicated after 14 days of inactivity for security reasons.

From the platform, they hope that over the next few weeks WhatsApp multi-device support will start reaching more users in different parts of the world.

At the moment, the platform does not allow to use the same WhatsApp account on many mobile phones, only on computers.

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