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Gerard Pique made a condition of his best friend to attend the wedding with Clara Shea Marti

Gerard Hamred, former FC Barcelona player and Shakira.

Photo: Javier Soriano. / Getty Images

Yesterday the pictures were posted between Clara Shea Marty (new girlfriend Gerrard Pique) and a star F.C.B Attending his best friend’s wedding and holding hands. However, Jordi Martin, paparazzi and reporter Fat and thin And whoever took pictures of the new couple confirms this Previous from Shakira He asked his best friend to attend the wedding.

It was the same Prevent guests from using mobile phones. This, according to the photographer, is to prevent a discreet guest from registering Gerard Pique with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. however, Reporter El Gordo and La Flacait was possible to infiltrate the event in Costa Brava in Spain And making photos that were shown exclusively for magazine Welcome where is he ex Shakira He looks happy.

As Jordy Martin mentioned it Clara Shea Marty I was very relieved, because this Gerard Pique’s best friend He works for the same company (Cosmos) as the 23-year-old who has the head office of Barcelona He is one of the most important contributors. So feel like a fish in the water with friends ex Shakira.

Only the Colombian could be seen yesterday smiling and Legs appear when you go to play tennis With them Sons Sasha and Milan And another group of friends. A few days ago, Shakira She would ask the same photographers to photograph her but not ask her for anything in front of the children. approved by Jordi Martin.

These photos were taken a day after the video Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti He will go around the world. Where the couple enjoys the concert of the Spanish singer Dani Martin amid caress and kisses. Undoubtedly, Shakira’s ex-partner doesn’t hide their relationshipNor how comfortable he was with the young woman.

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