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“La Chupitos” appears on TV in eye-catching leather clothes and mesh stockings |  Pictures

“La Chupitos” appears on TV in eye-catching leather clothes and mesh stockings | Pictures

Currently reality programs It has become the main attraction of television stations and one of them “The Challenger” Which consists of confronting participants in the disciplines of dance, singing and tradition. One of the stars who plays everything for everything is Liliana ariagaknown as “shots” who left everyone with square eyes after appearing in a heart attack costume.

After appearing behind the cylinder candidate mysterious Like a real competitor, the comedian surprised locals and strangers by seeing him dress up as befitting any famous character, such as Jennifer Lopez. This happened after she took off her dirty female model clothes.

(Photo: IGelretadormxus)

a bodysuit She gave leather, black socks and silver shoes “shots” A unique picture, because her character never revealed her true personality, which, when she was discovered in tight clothes, captured the hearts of many viewers. It should be noted that, true to his “habit”, he gave “drink” to bottle Before giving everything on stage.

“Snapshots, snapshots! We knew the mysterious requester had a talent for bottle lifting, but what about moving the skeleton?” The comedian wrote on her Instagram account where she shared several photos of her participation in the reality show for San ngel TV station.

(Photo: IGelretadormxus)

La Chupitos threatens to open OnlyFans to her

As for the dancers accompanying her, she expressed gratitude for their dedication and support for her person, because this type of participation is very demanding. Even in another photo, he had the luxury of putting a dynamic on his Instagram followers to make room for him Only the fans:

La Chupitos wrote: “Comment with black emojis and if we reach 1,000 comments we will open! OnlyFans!” In response, neither slow nor lazy, her fans responded with different dark icons to see the comedian in plain clothes within the exclusive content platform.

(Photo: IG_lachupitos)

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