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Ben Affleck's boyfriend was cheating on the actor and a massive reveal about his wedding with J Lo

Ben Affleck’s boyfriend was cheating on the actor and a massive reveal about his wedding with J Lo

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Georgia, United States. – recently a friend Ben Affleck He could have betrayed the actor after his massive reveal about the famous wedding Jennifer Lopezwhich was held last Saturday, August 20, at the actor’s estate from Batman vs Supermanlocated in GeorgiaAnd the United Statebut not only that, he also broadcast some aspects of the couple’s relationship in front of the media.

As many already know, actor Missing s Justice LeagueHe did everything in his power to prevent information from being leaked from him wedding to press and went so far as to output a file Air Exclusion Permit To prevent paparazzi Leaked photos of his special day with a singeron the earth“However, nothing prevented the media from obtaining it EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS From the event or that some of the guests talked about the party, one of them was the writer and director, Kevin Smith.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for wedding photography

According to the source, Ben Affleck showed himself as he had never done in his life while he was a manager The Big Bang Theory s flash Mention that the actor deep water He looked really happy at his wedding with Jennifer Lopez and even went so far as to say that the moment was so touching that he couldn’t help but shed occasional tears, because he realized true love in the couple

Ben Affleck has never been happier. I saw that man happy, but the pure joy that emanated from his face was completely unforgettable (…) I was happy for him. And they were happy, you can tell. They worked so hard to get here, they deserved it and it was so amazing. They had a great day for that

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

This isn’t the first time a source who attended the wedding has spoken about what they experienced at Affleck’s estate, since just yesterday, someone who preferred to remain anonymous shared with daily Mail A little bit about the loving speech Ben gave on his wedding day with Jennifer Lopez, in which he talks about his love for an actress marry me He also spoke about the birth of his children: “Ben gave an impassioned speech professing his love for Jennifer and their children and said that the children are the blessing and the gift that happened because they weren’t married before and that’s proof that everything happens. For a reason.”

Sources: Tribune

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