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Generalitat receives 562,439 euros in 2020 from VIU, the university saved by Planeta

Generalitat receives 562,439 euros in 2020 from VIU, the university saved by Planeta

Valencia. Last year, Generalitat Valenciana received €562,439 from the International University of Valencia, better known as VIU. This is stated in the 2020 accounts of the Valencian Community Foundation for the Promotion of Graduate Studies, where the collection of profits due to their participation has been determined.

VIU was created within the Valencia administration to be sold mostly to Grupo Planeta. An educational institution that was launched during the tenure of the Francisco Camps, specifically in 2008, to end up giving its control to the group it then headed Jose Manuel Lara.

The private group acquired 70% of the community of a university with damaged coffers to be refloated, and now, although not recurring annually, the Generalitat periodically pays out the 30% dividend that it has retained. Something, for example, did not happen in 2019 but happened in 2018, when the amount rose to 659 thousand euros. The foundation was purchased by Grupo Planeta for four million euros.

So far, VIU divides its degrees into four colleges and a graduate school: College of Health Sciences, College of Arts, Humanities and Communications, College of Social and Legal Sciences, College of Education Sciences, and Graduate School of Engineering, Science and Technology. In this, the master classes are broadcast by video Live, face-to-face classroom simulation over the Internet. However, in its methodology, class attendance is not mandatory, and the decision is left to the student.

The Valencia Community Foundation for the Promotion of Postgraduate Studies, which includes participation in the University, was established in 2014 by the Generalitat to promote access to higher education and to develop other educational and cultural activities, such as the realization of permanent training programs and postgraduate programs, the promotion of the arts and humanities, research and the exchange of relevant technological information International interest, cooperation and collaboration for development and innovation.

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