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Five examples of weightlifting exercises |  Health |  magazine

Five examples of weightlifting exercises | Health | magazine

Some weight-related exercises.

Weight training is as effective as any other type of exercise. Physical activity with weights allows a full-body workout. This means that through exercises, you can gain muscle and lose weight as well.

Personal trainer and sports nutrition expert Sandra Lorden recommends several exercises that, although they can be performed in the gym, are also ideal to perform in the comfort of home.

A study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that It takes at least five days a week, with 55 minutes, to lose weight. Try to choose activities that involve greater calorie burning and the correct use of weights.

Rowing by weight

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your knees slightly and bend at the waist with your back straight.

roll Biceps Weighted

A basic biceps exercise consists of a simple elbow bend. “Keep the elbow close to the body during most of the movement, but if you want an extra starting point, you can point the elbow slightly forward for the final part of the movement,” says personal trainer Angel Gardachal.

stepping with weight

steady step. – Put one leg in front and the other behind you, bend, one knee on the floor and the other in front, and in the flexion go up and down. The knees do not go beyond the level of the balls of the feet.

Take a step forward with the right leg, make a 90-degree angle between the legs and bend the knees, then slowly lower the body until the right knee almost touches the ground while inhaling. Make sure to keep your shins straight and perpendicular to the floor and avoid lifting your heels.


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With the weight gain, perform a squat, bringing the hips below the height of the knees. Do the exercise at a high speed, so that it is intense at the level of the heart and respiratory system.

twist Russian

It trains the rectus, oblique and lower abdominal muscles, as well as the spina erectus muscle. You should keep your spine straight at all times during the exercise.

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