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Gedeme's new online store increases e-commerce services in the country › Cuba › Granma

Gedeme’s new online store increases e-commerce services in the country › Cuba › Granma

On Monday, the service of the new virtual store of the Industrial Information, Communications and Electronics Company (Gedeme), in cooperation with Xetid and its affiliate EnZona platform, through which e-commerce offers are presented in the country in the national currency, began.

Available on the site https://gedeme.enzona.net/This digital space has seven categories, including computers, lighting, electronics, furniture, communications, and more.

From the entity’s Twitter profile, they explained that, as of now, the service is only for the nation’s capital and does not have home delivery, so the products – which will be put up for sale in phases – must be picked up at Callejón de Andrade and Prensa Latina km 1½, Toledo , Mariano.

The information that the customer provides to register with EnZona – contained in the terms and conditions – is transmitted through a secure connection that guarantees confidentiality and is used only for site authentication and personalization of the service that includes an update about special offers.

E-commerce, along with e-government, is a fundamental area that considers the policy of computerization of society and the path towards digital transformation, hence the need to provide the services provided by Cuban companies to the population in a simple and secure manner.

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