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Galilea Montijo shows up if drunk on a reality show

Galilea Montijo shows up if drunk on a reality show

during the last broadcast of the programme Celebrity House One of the things that attracted the most attention was the way it was Venerable Montague started b He speaksa situation that made some social network users wonder if the famous host She was drunk during the broadcast.

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It was at that moment when the woman from Guadalajara spoke to her Raquel Pegorathe fourth was left off the reality show when it was noticed more than the actress too Slurred wordsHe even had a hard time saying the word VIX.

“she was weird”; “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha yeah, that’s the past”; “He’s heard her speak strangely before”; “to go out for a walk in the same vein”; “Even the appearance is lost.”; “Greetings my precious”; “We all notice that“.

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Given the speculations about his condition, Venerable Montague I turned to the cameras Today’s programme To talk about what happened during the ceremony Celebrity House.

“I want to tell you what happened to me yesterday in the middle of the programme, or a little later… I just turned 50 and after 50 years, They put a prosthesis in my mouthWell, they give me a taste of bone.”

“As if I should buy that thing that hits her hard, so I was so scared To give Lauda Bozaso, that the prosthesis he was wearing would come out“.

True to her style, the famous host took time mix About what happened and the comments in which this is emphasized She was drunk during the program broadcast Televisa.

“apology, You know I love Jamaican waters but I never work out, The truth frightens me so much, and above all, having a responsibility like this, I could not, then, nothing more Apologies to all Those who think so of me.”