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Two were eliminated to return to the “Top Chef VIP 2” contest – Metro Puerto Rico

Two were eliminated to return to the “Top Chef VIP 2” contest – Metro Puerto Rico

Two celebrities who have been eliminated from Season 2 of Top Chef VIP (Telemundo)They returned to competition last Friday after a re-test.

Sara Corrales sends a strong message to Laura Zapata after she was excluded from “Top Chef VIP 2”

It comes with an extension Mexican singer Helen Ochoa and the Actor Jesus Moorewho were the tenth and ninth eliminated, respectively, of the season.

ochoa and more joins German Montero, Arturo Benich, Alana Leteras, Laura Zapata, Sebas Villalobos and Dominican Genesis Suero To compete for the grand prize of a cooking competition.

So far, the elimination bracket for Season 2 consists of: Lorena de la Garza, Regina Orozco, Gilberto Giles, Serrat, Johnny Lozada, Tony Balardi, Jose Gombes, Eduardo Barquin, Marisol Terrazas, John Paul Gill And Colombian actress Sarah Corrales. Venezuelan actress Gabriela “Gabe” Spanik He left the competition within weeks of the show starting.

You must remember that file Mexican actor Lambda Garcia The champion of the first season of “Top Chef VIP” emerged after his return to the competition. This was the sixth to be left out of said edition, where Mauricio Islas, Cristina Eustace, and Puerto Rican Zuleika Rivera Mendoza They were finalists.

Two Eliminations Return to “Top Chef VIP 2” Competition

The competition will end in mid-July.

“Top Chef VIP” airs in Puerto Rico Monday through Friday at 8:00 p.m.except for Tuesdays which appear at 6:00 p.m. on Telemundo.

The winner or winner of the cooking competition will receive a prize of $100,000. The winner of the first season, in which Puerto Rican Zuleika Rivera Mendoza reached the finals, was the Mexican actress Lambda García.

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Sarah Corrales is the new eliminated girl from Top Chef VIP 2

Colombian actress Sara Corrales became Thursday Night the Thirteenth’s eliminator from the second season.Top Chef VIP(Telemundo) and remains a few episodes away from participating in the final episode.

Corrales faced elimination against Mexican Alana Leteras and Colombian Sebas Villalobos, with whom she had a good relationship and chemistry within the cooking competition.