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Tatiana Ortiz welcomes former Telemundo Partner to TeleOnce – Metro Puerto Rico

Tatiana Ortiz welcomes former Telemundo Partner to TeleOnce – Metro Puerto Rico

journalist Tatiana Ortiz This Sunday is welcomed TeleOnce to her former co-worker at Telemundo, Christina Paganwho will debut tomorrow as the new sports reporter on “Las Noticias”.

Through her social networks, the spokesperson dedicated an emotional message to her friend, whom she has known since they studied journalism at Sacred Heart University (USC), in Santurce.

A very special post: Christina Pagan He was one of the first people I met when I started school. Since then we have become friends. We both share our passion for journalism. God has been so good to us that we had the opportunity to meet on our first media jobOrtiz narrated.

The Patillas native revealed that at some point in their career, pagan He was Telenoticias producer over the weekend in the 5:00 pm edition, while she was responsible for the evening edition.

In past years, I have emerged as a producer for Telemundo’s excellent newscast. But, tomorrow, a new phase of work begins and I couldn’t be prouder. He will finally achieve one of his biggest dreams. Welcome to the TeleOnce family, friend! to work together again“, he added.

The company “Las Noticias” recruited a journalist and producer Christina Pagan To be the new sports reporter. According to what the magazine reported TVBoricuaUSAHe will replace Bagan Louis Joel Aymatwho was recently fired after two years as a correspondent for the channel.

Pagan has been a producer for Telemundo Puerto Rico’s news department for over a decade. The young woman has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in writing for the media.

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Pagan has been able to put her face as a reporter into action on such venues as the “Jorge y Grenda 100×35” program and Radio Isla 1320AM. Recently, she worked as a newspaper reporter Superior National Basketball (BSN) and Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Kobor).

Last May, Aymat confirmed that he had been fired from his job and that there was a process going on. He did not want to provide more details. The caller indicated on his social media that he had been fired, after nearly two years in the position he has held since the newsletter began in 2021.

As you know, yesterday my plays as a sports anchor on Las Noticias de Teleonce ended. I will not go into details of why I was fired because there is a process under way and I am confident that justice will be done. I can only say that it had nothing to do with my journalistic performance. With that being said, I want to thank the many people who have shown me their support at this time. I have always been grateful to life for putting beautiful people in my path who truly love meAymat said.

To our loyal viewers, a thousand thanks. Sometimes things have to happen and you have to understand the impact one can have on so many people. Thank you for supporting my work and, above all, for the love you give me unconditionally. To my guys, I love you and we will meet again. Thanks with all my heart“, he added.

Before becoming a sports anchor on the local channel, Aymat worked as an anchor on the digital version of Univisión News in Puerto Rico. In addition, he has been featured as the narrator for several sporting events such as BSN and the Caribbean Series.

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according to Fernand Feliz“El Nalgorazi”, the journalist could have been fired after he went out to buy a pie in an establishment near the TeleOnce studios and there he found his boss.

Allegedly, his boss asked him if he was on a break and he said yes. Later, he tested positive for COVID-19, who had been off the channel for a while and when he came back they told him he had been fired.