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Noruel Fragoso and her husband enjoyed their honeymoon – Metro Puerto Rico

Noruel Fragoso and her husband enjoyed their honeymoon – Metro Puerto Rico

After celebrating the wedding in Puerto Rico, actress Norell Fragoso and her husband went on a honeymoon in Italy.

The actress posted multiple pictures on her social networks where it was revealed that she had enjoyed her honeymoon.

This Sunday, Fragoso said they got to see El David in Florence, which is a dream they had.

We did it! We watched EL DAVID, ”the actress expressed on her social networks.

Before arriving in Florence, the couple was in the Vatican, where they fulfilled another dream: receiving Pope Francis’ blessing.

“I always dreamed of this moment, but I never imagined that it would come true. Today on the day of the celebration of Saint Peter, in the square that bears his name, in front of the church, we received the blessing of Pope Francis Paquito, as many of us affectionately call him, is the Pope who has come to revolutionize not Only in our church but in the world. May God have mercy on you. What a good time to be alive! And what a blessing it is to live it with my beloved husband,” said the actress.

The couple’s honeymoon began in Rome, where they visited tourist places.

love story

After many years of friendship, love arose. Thus began the love story between actress Norell Fragoso and Professor Jose Rivas.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. Growing up it wasn’t planned […] There came a time when we realized that we were looking for a lot from each other, and life took us by surprise. “We let ourselves be surprised,” Rivas explained in an interview with Hoy Día Puerto Rico (Telemundo).

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“Friendship transcended, and became […] The process of getting to know each other has already taken place. “We were friends, we are friends,” Fragoso added.

Complicity prevails in the relationship between Rivas and Fragoso. “There is still a lot of admiration on both sides. I am their fan,” said Fragoso.

“And vice versa,” said Rivas, laughing.

One of the challenges the couple faces is the time difference at work. However, they have learned to face it.

“That’s why, every time there’s an opportunity (to accompany her to the stage) it doesn’t burden me at all. A lot of times we don’t get along,” Rivas said.

As the actress shared, on the day of the engagement, Rivas invited her to brunch. Something familiar to the couple.

While there, José sends her a video via WhatsApp in which he remembers all the moments they had together. At the end of the video, he asks her if she wants to marry him.

I started crying […] Jose says I wear a ginsha like a piece of paper, ”the actress added.