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Nashville authorities suspend the featherweight ceremony

Nashville authorities suspend the featherweight ceremony

A night full of expectations for La Liga fans Hassan Emilio Cabande, better known as Featherweight, has taken an unexpected turn, because last night the famous man had to cancel one of his presentations in the United States.

Although the translator of “Ella baila sola” is in one of the best moments of his career, fame does not save him from going through some uncomfortable situations, such as the one that happened to him on this occasion.

It turned out that the singer had a show scheduled for the city of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee. However, at the last moment, the event, which was already completely sold out, was stopped by the civil protection authorities.

But… what happened? We’ll tell you.

Featherweight ceremony has been cancelled

Before the Featherweight concert began and with fans already inside the venue, the famous man got on stage to make an announcement that disgusted the crowd.

He said, “I’m going to announce: A hailstorm is coming now.” This immediately sparked shrieks from the crowd.

Balbada, don’t worry, he asked them.

The singer explained that the authorities intend to postpone the event. However, they decided to wait until 9:15 a.m. to see if the rain would stop and so they would be able to continue with the concert, generating renewed enthusiasm among the attendees.

He commented, “I just want to show my face and say the whole team is here, we’re ready, it’s a matter of storm and civil protection.”

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But the fans were not so lucky, because the rain did not stop.

Later, Hassan shared an Instagram story to officially announce the event’s cancellation. In the video, he is heard saying, “Unfortunately, due to the electrical storm currently ravaging the city, the Civil Protection has decided to postpone the event.” In addition, he asked the attendees to pay attention to the next date.

“With the same ticket today they will be able to enter the other concert,” he said sadly.

So far, the artist has not released new posts or statements on the matter.