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“Everything has a limit and expired a long time ago”

“Everything has a limit and expired a long time ago”

Cuban comedian Rigoberto Ferreira recalls a video posted in Facebook Last year about Cuban political reality, he asserted that “everything has limits and ended long ago.”

“this early It’s been in the making for almost a year and unfortunately it’s still going strong,” the actor said of his video.

“They continue to cover our days with a cloak of indolence but … everything has limits and has long expired,” he said, referring to the Cuban regime.

Ferrera, in his country earlyHe said, “We know they’re lying to us, they know they’re lying to us, we know they know they’re lying to us and yet, they keep lying.”

Two weeks ago, Ferreira shared a powerful message to his followers, showing them what they should never do again if they want to take control of their future.

“You must have great spiritual poverty, moral scarcity, and much ignorance to give your vote to whom Steals your futuresaid the actor.

This isn’t the first time Ferreira has shared a message of this kind, conveying, using succinct words, a strong, explicable rhetoric against the island regime, even if it isn’t open.

It may be the shrewdness and wit of a humorist that makes this outstanding actor fight for his art against all odds in Cuba.

Cuban comedian Rigoberto Ferreira attacked again Double standards for politiciansWhen compared to pigs, they eat a lot.

At the beginning of June, he celebrates on social networks the success of his show at the “Bertold Brecht” Café Theater in Havana, together with Osvaldo Doimeadiós, where the public can freely enjoy his sharp and innovative humor.

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In the monologue presented in this show, Ferreira recreates a hypothetical situation of a man who wants to dedicate himself to raising pigs because, according to him, it is an economic investment, since they hardly eat.

He replied, “Brother, do you know what you say? When have you seen a failed politician? In Italy, he gives it to him in an IV”, after which the audience applauded as they recalled Governor Miguel’s dinner. Díaz-Canel in an expensive and fancy Italian restaurant at the beginning of June.

His criticism of the regime had consequences. At the beginning of June Ferreira announced the suspension of the show he had been planning because the provincial government had left the theater without electricity.

The artist wrote on his networks, “The government of Havana took the transformer and left us without light.”

The excuse given by the authorities was that the community needed this transformer.